Your guide for perfect waves in tropical Costa Rica


Tamarindo is one of the most popular surf destinations in Costa Rica. Its long sandy beach offers different breaks, anything from whitewater to fast moving rock point, consistent waves and good surf conditions throughout the year and warm ocean water, Tamarindo pleases beginners and advanced surfers alike.

Most of the breaks work best mid-to-high tide, although there are some that work all day long. And if Tamarindo doesn’t offer enough challenge for you, there are tons of other beaches to explore within a 40 minute drive such as Langosta, Avellanas, Playa Grande and Playa Negra.

Beginner Surf Spots

The main beach break in Tamarindo is perfect for beginners. The sandy beach break offers consistent waves providing a fun environment for your surf lessons. It is also a great spot to practice your recently acquired skills on your own.

If the swell is a bit bigger, or you prefer a spot which is less crowded, Capitan Suizzo is the break to go. This surf spot, especially popular for lessons with children is located on the south end of the Tamarindo bay and offers gentle waves, a perfect place for beginner surfers to build up your confidence. So with all these options, there is no excuse not to go surfing!   

Advanced Surf Spots

The main breaks can sometimes get crowded with beginner surfers, but luckily there are plenty of options for intermediate and advanced surfers. Taking a little boat across the estuary  will get you to Casitas, a nice sandy beach break between Tamarindo and Playa Grande. While conditions are like the main break, there will be less people and mostly more experienced surfers. Another great spot is Pico Grande and Pico Pequeño, breaks around a rock formation in the center of Tamarindo beach. These spots work best around mid or mid-to-high tide and are great to test your skills.

Near Tamarindo, you will find plenty of other breaks geared towards the more experienced surfers. Langosta, a few minutes’ drive down south or a 30 min walk along the beach, has a nice break in the river mouth. Playa Grande can also be reached on foot in about 40 minutes and offers different spots. As the name suggests, the waves tend to be a bit larger than in Tamarindo. Other beaches can be reached in a short 40-min ride. Most popular are Avellanas, with its Little Hawaii break and Playa Negra with its consistent right-hand barrels. So, get those boardshorts and lets hit the salt.

Tamarindo Surf Spots Map
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Tamarindo Surf Forecast and Tide Charts

For the actual surf forecast, swell and tide charts, as well as Tamarindo weather information please visit our partner at Tamarindo Surf Tides.