1. General Information


Costa Rica Surf Holidays is brand of ABKK Transporte S.A., a Costa Rican company. When you make a reservation for a holiday package, you enter into a legally binding agreement with us and you accept the terms and conditions as mentioned below.


These terms and conditions are applicable to individual reservations for up to 8 people. Special conditions apply for group bookings of more than 9 people and are communicated separately. In addition special conditions apply for promotions and offers and these will be communicated separately on a dedicated webpage on www.costaricasurfholidays.com


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the terms and conditions or in case you require clarification, please contact us before making a reservation. Again, making a reservation means you certify you have read and accepted the terms and conditions.


2. Services Provided


Costa Rica Surf Holidays works with different trusted and high-quality providers of accommodation, tours, activities and transportation to offer you a holiday package. Costa Rica Surf Holidays may modify or discontinue a holiday package or change providers without prior notification. Any reservations made prior to the modification or discontinuation will be honored.


The services which form part of your reservation are mentioned in on our website www.costaricasurfholidays.com or in our email correspondence, if you reserved a customized package. Costa Rica Surf Holidays reserves the right to change providers or substitute an element of your package due to operational reasons, as long as the service is of a similar nature and quality.


3. Restrictions


Our accommodation, tours, activity and transportation providers are responsible for setting minimum requirements, including but not limited to age restriction, which may change from time to time.


If you are traveling with children under the age of 18, have any medical condition, are unable to swim or are a very poor swimmer or if you have any other condition that might prevent you from participating in any activity or might require special attention, it is your responsibility to notify Costa Rica Surf Holidays, so we can make sure the package is suitable for your party. Costa Rica Surf Holidays cannot be held liable in case you did not disclose this information prior to the reservation and any additional cost which might result from this will be charged to you.  


The following minimum age restrictions are currently in place:


  • Accommodation in Jardin del Eden (Distinctive)                minimum age 18 years

  • Accommodation in dorm room in Blue Trailz (Value)       minimum age 18 years

  • Rafting adventure                                                                   minimum age 10 years

  • Diving                                                                                        minimum age 10 years

  • Ziplining                                                                                    minimum age 5 years

  • Surfing                                                                                      minimum age 5 years


In addition, to provide a safe and fun learning environment, children under the age of 15 are only accepted in private or semi-private surf lessons. Depending on the height, swim abilities and physical conditions, they might only be accepted in private lessons.


Surf lessons, surf trips, diving and rafting activities are unavailable for people who cannot swim.


4. Reservation Policy


All reservations require a valid credit card in your name as a guarantee. 


Your reservation is not confirmed until you have received a confirmation email from us. The confirmation of availability is NOT a confirmation of your reservation and the availability is not guaranteed until you have received the confirmation email from us.


By reserving and providing your credit card details, you accept the terms and conditions as described here and you expressly authorize ABKK Transporte SA, to charge your credit card for any charges related to your reservation, including but not limited to cancellation fees.


If the credit card you provide is not valid or expires before your check-out date, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation unless an alternative credit card can be provided upon request.


5. Prices


All prices quoted on the website, in our email correspondence and the reservation confirmation email is in US dollar. All our prices include all taxes and fees and is the final price of your reservation. Our prices do not include airfare, visas, gratuities, additional services and personal expenses.


6. Payment Conditions


All payments will be processed in US dollars unless otherwise agreed. The full amount of the reservation is payable:


For VALUE packages:                      upon check-out

For LUXURY packages:                   31 days prior to your arrival date

For DISTINCTIVE packages           31 days prior to your arrival date


Unless you advise us otherwise, we will charge the credit card which you provided when you made your reservation.


If the credit card you provided is not valid or in case it has insufficient funds, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation unless an alternative credit card can be provided upon request.


7. Cancellation Conditions


All reservations may be cancelled or modified free of charge:


For VALUE packages:                      up to 14 days prior to your arrival date

For LUXURY packages:                   up to 31 days prior to your arrival date

For DISTINCTIVE packages           up to 31 days prior to your arrival date


All cancelations or modifications received after the free cancelation period has ended will incur a 100% cancelation fee.


8. Complaints, Issues, Responsibility


If you have any issues or complaints regarding any element of your holiday package, please report this immediately to the provider of the service. If you cannot come to a remedy for your complaint or issue, email us immediately at reservations@costaricasurfholidays.com and we will mediate between you


Please be aware that many of the activities we offer are closely related to nature and (un)fortunately we don’t have a way to control weather, waves or animal life. The pictures and descriptions you find on www.costaricasurfholidays.com are actual pictures and descriptions, but do not offer a guarantee that you will have the exact same experience. In addition, our providers have the right to make modifications to their services due to unexpected and uncontrollable situations or changes in regulations or law. Costa Rica Surf Holidays is not liable for such changes.    


You also acknowledge that many of the activities involve physical activity and pose a risk of injury. Costa Rica Surf Holidays is not liable for any accidents, injuries or losses associated related to any element of your reservation.


9. Refunds


No refunds can be given for any unused parts of your package for any reason, including but not limited to early departure.


10. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law


Your agreement with us is governed by Costa Rican law and all claims and disputes will be settled exclusively in the courts of San Jose, Costa Rica.